Holistic Homegirls was made by three college students, with women on a budget in mind. It is important that as content creators, we begin to become the authors of our own narrative. With an emphasis on natural healing, and holistic wellness; Holistic Homegirls is by homegirls, for homegirls.

The Homegirls


Originally from Seoul and raised in Brooklyn, Sohee is an advocate for self-care, self-love, and focuses on a holistic approach to mental health and beauty. As a college student, Sohee wants to tackle the misconception of self-care being an indulgence and aims to bring you all lifestyle tips that are budget-friendly and realistic.


An Aquarius born in Brooklyn, Bella takes particular interest in naturalistic health and healing. Bella is currently studying Graphic Design, and is responsible for the creative execution of Holistic Homegirls.


Born and raised in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx and Queens New York is my home. I’m known for experimenting and researching all the best facial methods for a clean ad fresh face. Living in New York your face is exposed to smoke, oils, dust, and dirt which clogs your pores and dries your skin. But by following us through this blog; I will show you the way into a healthy face journey.

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